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Find the One… Again!

Find the One…Again! and Reclaim Your Shape with the new Magic Boost collection.

Find the One - Hannah Ferguson

Are you a new mom? Is your new life feeling a little overwhelming?

Starting a new chapter in life can be both scary and wonderful. We’ve seen numbers of new moms lose confidence in themselves as they put the focus primarily on their children. Our new Magic Boost collection keeps you from having to choose between yourself and your children and helps you Reclaim Your Shape!

The Magic Boost collection stemmed from our 2015 innovation Magic Wire, which is a series of bras that features a soft-touch wire rather than an uncomfortable metal wire.

The Magic Wire products have since been revamped and are ideal for women who may have lost their shape or fullness.

In the U.S. and Canada, we are carrying two different Magic Boost bra styles. One is for shaping, and one is for lifting.

Magic Boost bras - Find the One

Not sure which one is right for you? Here are some clues:

The Shape Up Bra is most ideal for larger busts and creates a naturally rounded bust shape.

The Lift Up Bra is most ideal for smaller busts and features a soft, graduated pad for ultimate lift and a balconette shape.

Still not convinced? Let our in-store experts help you find your perfect style and fit. Our retail stores are located in Long Island, NY, with more locations coming soon! If you’re outside the New York area, try our online Bra Size Calculator then shop these styles online!

Bra of the week: Beauty-Full Darling

To match the warm weather ahead of us, we’ve extended our Beauty-Full collection with the all-new Beauty-Full Darling series. It’s a light and airy solution you will love all spring and summer long! When it comes to Beauty-Full Darling, it’s always a party.

Beauty-Full Darling1

This collection comes with a lightly padded, underwire bra, a spacer cup tee shirt bra and both hipster and thong panties.

Scalloped lace embellishes this collection to add classic detail, and both bras feature flexi-3D wires and softer hook-and-eye closures. The tee shirt bra’s spacer cups provide a breathable fabric for those steamy summer days.

Beauty-Full Darling2The collection is available in chambray blue (seen above), classic white and lobster pink (seen below.)

Beauty-Full Darling3

Find your perfect size with our new Bra Size Calculator, then shop these styles online or find a store near you!


The Beauty-Full collection originally began with Beauty-Full Basics. It was designed with fuller cups in mind and is available in sizes 32C-38H. The collection’s styles were immediately a hit for our customers, so we’ve created sister collections over the years, including Beauty-Full Icon and Beauty-Full Flair, to offer the same great support and style in fun, new colors and prints. The best feature of the collection is its versatility. You can find these bras and panties in basic hues, such as black or nude, but they are also available in bright colors and subtle prints.

Magic Boost: Reclaim your shape

This month, we’re celebrating our newest collection of shapewear: Magic Boost!


The collection includes two bras, a hipster panty, a highwaist panty and a bodydress. Let’s break down the two bras, shall we?

The first is the Lift Up Bra. It has a balconette shape and is ideal for smaller busts. This style was created with mothers in mind, who may be trying to get a little lift.

The second Magic Boost bra is the Shape Up Bra. It’s ideal for fuller busts and lends a perfectly rounded shape.

Both Magic Boost bras feature Magic Wire technology, a soft-touch wire in the place of a metal one, so that you can feel both supported and comfortable all day long.

Pair your favorite Magic Boost bra with the hipster thong or high-waist panty and bodydress for a completed look. You’ll never feel better!

Magic_Boost_BDS01_MWHU_601 (4)

To give you a springtime feeling, we’ve launched this collection in a beautiful, lavender hue called Fair Orchid. These styles are available in nude and black as well.

Shop these styles online or find a store near you!


Enter our competition to win your very own Magic Boost bra! Competition closes on March 31st!

A month of love to #FindTheOne

Whether you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a special someone or a group of friends, you can make this year’s celebrations the best one yet!

You may despise Valentine’s Day, you may not celebrate it at all, but you’re sure to love our new Spring 2016 collection, full of pretty pastels, delicate floral prints and of course, red hot sets for Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion you may be attending.

Valentine's category banner

Everyone loves a S-A-L-E!

Isn’t it odd that the New Year hits full swing at the most breathless time of year? Seriously…What is more depressing than January?

We all have our motivational New Year Resolutions to maintain.. We’ve got our new 2016 planners to keep us organized.. New exercise plans.. New wardrobe.. Wait, new wardrobe?

Turn your winter blues around by indulging in our End of Season Sale.


In this season’s sale, you will find all styles from our Autumn/Winter 2015 up to 30% off! How’s that for a resolution?

The Gift Guide’s Back, Back Again

That’s right, our life-saving Holiday Gift Guide is back and filled with this season’s best, gift-worthy items. You’re welcome.

From shapewear to holiday PJ’s to the newest lingerie trends, you’ll find it all in the Guide.

Gift Guide Header

Make sure to receive your gifts in time for Christmas when shopping the Triumph site!

For standard ground shipping, order by noon PST on Wed., Dec. 16th.

For two-day shipping, order by noon PST on Tues., Dec. 22nd.

For next-day shipping, order by noon PST on Wed., Dec. 23rd.


Introducing Sheer Velvet Sensation!

With the holiday season finally here, we’re introducing the latest technology in shapewear so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any holiday parties!


It’s called Sheer Velvet Sensation. You can find it in a store near you or shop these styles online.

Choose from wireless and padded bras, a high waist panty and a hipster thong, all decorated with scalloped trim and velvet floral embroidery.

Need a little more convincing? Learn more about this collection here.

Hey Sister, Soul Sister

Do you know your “Sister Size”? Do you even know what a “Sister Size” is?


We’re always working to improve our system of crafting the best lingerie in the world, so we think it’s time to let you in on a little fit secret. Having trouble finding the right size when ordering online? Get ready to kiss those fit woes goodbye!

How it works:

1. Begin by determining your size. You can start with the size you wear now. Next, take our Size Check Quiz just to make sure! If you don’t know what size you are, you can size yourself (using our helpful video guide) or ask a friend to assist you.

P.S. If it’s been six months or more since you’ve been sized, your size has expired! It’s time to get fitted again.

2. Let’s pretend your size is 34D. Find the bra of your choice, select your size…but wait! What if your size is out of stock? What if the fit turns out to be different and a little off? What if the item tends to run small or big?

Enter -> Your Sister Size. This is our Sister Size Chart:

Sister Sizes

It’s reliable for all of your undie troubles. Have you felt that your true size fits too tightly in the band? Go one size up – but follow the chart! Many women think if they need one size up, they would go from a 34D to a 36D. Not so fast, missy! It’s not entirely true. Your new size would actually be a 36C.

The trick to understanding the chart is staying within the color path. If you stray from the path, you risk purchasing the wrong size.

When you switch from a 34D to a 36D, in reality, both the band and cups increase in size. Therefore, to increase the band width, you would need to decrease your cup size! Get it?

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! Write us a message on Facebook, Tweet us, Live Chat with us, or visit us in a store near you if you prefer to chat face-to-face.

Happy Shopping!

The 5 W’s of Amourette 300


Carrie Harwood for Triumph's Lingerie Studio

WishWishWish‘s Carrie Harwood for Triumph Lingerie recently explored our Amourette series. Now, she can’t take it off, so she’s shared her fashion styling secrets with us!


The classic Amourette 300.


It’s been soft, strong and supportive for women of all shapes and sizes for more than 60 years!


Here, there and everywhere. Carrie’s based in London (I know, we’re so jealous) and wears her Amourette everywhere she goes.

carrie social


Get fashion tips from the pro on how to best wear your Amourette! Carrie shares her secrets:

“Amourette’s the kind of bra you can wear all day without having to worry about it.” – Carrie

BTS of Lingerie Studio

We’d like to share some behind-the-scenes images from our Lingerie Studio project! It was a blast to speak with these influential fashion moguls about confidence, fit and fun!

The bloggers began by matching some of our bra styles to corresponding outfits to explain how to wear them best.blog2 blog1

Once we found our perfect match, we were able to see how much it helped with our posture, so we walked the runway!


By then, it was time for cocktails. Whether you’re working in the kitchen, office, outdoors, with your kids, or even lounging around, it’s important to have the necessary support from your bra.

blog7 blog6

After the cocktails, it was time to dance, which also requires the right support!

blog8 blog9

Shop Triumph Lingerie

Find Your Perfect Match

We have bras of all colors, styles and sizes, so it can be difficult to know which ones pair best with any given outfit. Use the below video Find Your Perfect Match to find yours, and check out more of our Lingerie Studio Project, aiming to help you find the right fit, style and level of comfort and support for your body.

Shop Triumph Lingerie today!

Lingerie Studio: A New Guide To Finding #TheOne

Looking for #TheOne? You know we’re talking about bras, right? :)

Triumph’s fit experts have teamed with the world’s most influential fashion bloggers to speak to the importance of a perfectly fitting bra, and to make a long story short, it’s a great, big project called Lingerie Studio.

Through several videos, all compiled into the one shown below, we have looked at everyday situations in attempt to solve annoying underwear issues by helping the world find their own perfect fit. The fashion bloggers then match Triumph bras to this season’s most stylish trends and provide a guide on how to wear them most effectively.

Use these video guides to determine which style and size you are! Not sure? Use our quiz to find out your size! Not sure about style either? Learn more about what we offer. Then, start shopping!

Stay tuned for more videos later this month!

Concert Style for Fashion Conservatives

festival default

The reason we love Halloween so much is the fact that anything goes. It’s the one day every year we can ignore the typical rules of fashion, beauty and social norms and make our costumes as wild as we want.

Gradually, concerts and music festivals are evolving to follow the same rules (or lack there of). Coachella style is practically Google’able.

We’re thoroughly grateful, because sometimes, you just want to feel like a celebrity starring in her own music video. Since you’re probably enjoying a fair share of shows this summer, we’re going to walk you through the basics of concert fashion and style. Make this year’s concerts the best ones (and best dressed!) you’ve been to yet.

Let’s just go ahead and put it out there: It’s all about the accessories, so hop over to our End of Summer sale for some must-have picks!



Not sure about you, but we don’t think a festival is the best time to show off your new sandals. Concerts are crowded, and sometimes someone stepping on your toes is simply unavoidable. (It pains us to even type this.) Ouch!!! Therefore, go for boots or booties! They’re ouch-protective, ultra-stylish and their block heels give you a little height without making your feet ache.



Will you be attending an all-day affair? Get fancy with your shades! Leave your everyday pair at home and opt for a fun, glossy pair. Don’t forget sunscreen!



So you have three great necklaces to choose from to pair with your outfit. Wrong, you don’t have to choose. Wear all three. Trust us, the more the merrier in this context. Ok, tread lightly, ladies, but it’s alright if your outfit is a little over-the-top today. It’s not every day you get to jam with Beyoncé.

Fanny packs


It’s a shame these babies had to go out of style for so long, but blast the trumpets and pour the champagne because they’re back, baby! Not only are they effortlessly chic, they are the most practical accessory for a concert. Throw in some cash, your digital camera, lingerie accessories in the unfortunate case of a wardrobe malfunction, lip gloss and you’re ready to go.

Stick-on tattoos


Yup. It works. Have you heard people talk about flash tattoos? This is what they’re talking about. Go for it! Step out of the box! This isn’t a job interview — this is your Saturday night out on the town! It’s probably unlikely that you’ll run into someone you know anyways.. : )



Floral crowns, safari hats, ball caps, head scarves.. You name it. If these types of accessories aren’t part of your normal, every day attire, you should definitely consider trying something new!

Tell us what concerts you’re attending this summer on Instagram! You could win a lingerie set or be featured on our blog! We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Amourette Anniversary Fashion Show 2015

To celebrate more than 60 years of our Amourette Collection, we hosted a fashion show for all of our partners and would now like to share the coverage of the show with our VIP customers!

Luckily, you can shop the various styles seen at our show directly from the photos below.

Prefer to shop in-store? Find one of our shops or boutique locations near you!

Keep scrolling for video coverage…


Contouring Sensation Padded Bra and High Waist Panty


Iconic E Underwire Bra and Thong


Amourette Spotlight in Raspberry Juice…Coming soon!

Sporting Lingerie: Where Fit Meets Fit

What does elite athlete and coach Rebecca McKee and Triumph Lingerie have in common? Fit.

poetic e

Rebecca McKee pictured in our Poetic E Collection

Well, two different kinds of fit. While Rebecca is in the prime of her career teaching, living and breathing fit lifestyles, we at Triumph also value fit…how our bra’s fit, that is.

After sitting down with this power woman of health and fitness to talk about two completely opposite topics, athletics and lingerie, we learned even more than before how important a woman’s undergarments are to her self identity.

Continue reading for our Q&A with RM..

How important is lingerie to you & how does it make you feel when wearing it?

Lingerie is very much a part of my wardrobe. I spend so much time in sports gear, and it’s nice to have “pretty clothes” to wear. Lingerie is sexy. Who doesn’t like feeling sexy?!?

I believe feeling comfortable is so important and when you feel comfortable in what you are wearing you gain confidence!

What’s your idea of the perfect bra & what’s your lingerie style?

Truthfully, I didn’t think you guys would have the perfect bra. I’m so picky, I’m also not very large chested so finding the perfect bra was simply a perfect joke!  I was outright surprised by the bra we took most of the photos in, (the Body Make-Up Tee Shirt Bra).

I loved it mainly because I didn’t notice I was wearing it!  I do not want to feel suffocated by a bra. I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly having to adjust it, or that it’s falling off of me!

I’m really happy with it and have given all of my other bras to Goodwill!

body make-up

Where were you born & where do you live now?

I was born in Saugus, California… which actually doesn’t exist anymore! In 1987 it was merged with 4 other communities, and it then became Santa Clarita. I live in Anchorage, Alaska now. I have lived in Alaska since June 1978.


What’s your story?

I have always been highly motivated. I owned my first business when I was 10!

I started coaching part-time in 2004 and have been coaching full-time since 2010.

I own a science-based coaching business and work with beginners all the way to professionals in a number of sports. I coach coaches and provide consulting to teams, mainly for nutrition. I also run a weight management program that specializes in working with morbidly obese.

In 1999, I started racing here in Alaska called Mount Marathon – it’s a 3,022-ft-high mountain race that is 3 miles round trip.  This got me into the mountain and trail-running races.  In 2000, I was talked into doing a local triathlon, the Gold Nugget Sprint.  In 2004, I did my first ½ Ironman and was hooked on the distance and have been doing them since.

I have done more than 30 in total. 

mount marathon

Mount Marathon

I have been to the World Championships at the ½ Ironman distance every year since 2010, although I have qualified every year they have had them.  I am going to Austria in August to race in the 2015 70.3 Championships.  In 2014, I was ranked 5th in the world in my age group at this distance.

In 2013, I moved into Ironman distance, racing Ironman Whistler as my 1st Ironman, where I finished 2nd in my age group and qualified for Kona Ironman World Championships.  I also qualified for Kona again in 2014, finishing 20th in my age group!


Who is your favorite celebrity?

OMGosh.. Don’t laugh… for a non-sports-related celebrity… David Gandy!

I just love the guy!  He’s pretty easy on the eyes, he does an awesome job of keeping your attention, his modeling career is fantastic, and seriously he’s a pretty nice guy very involved with charities and dog rescue!

david gandy

What are your hobbies outside of fitness?

This one made me laugh… I’m an Elite Triathlete…. We don’t have hobbies, we swim, bike, run, lift weights, eat and sleep!

I guess a couple of hobbies would be… I like to make novelty cupcakes that represent NOTHING even close to what their pictures looked like in the recipe and I’m a pretty avid bird watcher!

What is your favorite quote?

“It’s not how fast you go, it’s how slow you slow down!” -Unknown

I was told this many years ago, but I’ve never been able to figure out who originally said it.

What is your favorite travel destination? What country would you love to visit?

When I’m not in Alaska, my heart belongs to the Big Island in Hawaii.  It’s the Mecca of Triathlon, but also just a place I love being.

big island

I have never been to Europe so I am very excited about getting to some parts this coming August.  I would also love to make it to Denmark and Sweden one day!

What is a special memory from your childhood or early adulthood?

My dad was in the Army and we spent a lot of time moving. We lived in Panama for a couple of years and we found two kudamundi babies that were abandoned.  We rescued them and raised them. They were awesome and had hands so they would get into everything! Pretty fun for a kid!

What is something you’ve learned throughout your career?

No one can give you confidence… it truly has to come from within.

Heels or flats?


rebecca mckee

Rebecca McKee pictured in our Poetic E Collection

Coffee or wine?

Perhaps shocking but I don’t drink either… but I do drink tea and very rarely vodka cranberry!

Lipstick or mascara?

Mascara. I actually don’t wear lipstick at all unless I’m being photographed. I feel like it makes me look like a clown!  HA HA

5 Reasons Why Pricey Lingerie Is So Worth It


Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Triumph, the Maker of Lingerie, and we believe there’s not enough money in the world worth a great fitting bra.

Why? Let us explain.

1. It lasts forever.

This isn’t your weekly manicure we’re talking about. Our bras are built to withstand the miles. No, they may not last your entire life, but if it’s part of your daily wardrobe, isn’t it fair to make the investment? Which brings us to…

2. It’s an everyday item.

We want you to love your bra and to want to wear it every day. If you have a question about fit, style or our manufacturing, please ask! We not only have customer service representatives available everyday on Live Chat from 6am to 6pm PST, but you can also email us, Tweet us, tag us, comment to us… The point is, we’re here for you!

blog pic

3. It’s for you.

We ultimately value feminine confidence and all-around girl power. Furthermore, we believe lingerie is for you. It’s made to make you feel good and comfortable and beautiful and flawless. It’s easy to get in the habit of wearing the same old bra everyday, which isn’t always a bad thing, but when you make lingerie part of your daily life, you feel better about yourself.

4. Fit matters.

Did you know 76% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Most women reach for 34B or 36C and think they’re good to go, but that’s not exactly the case. Our customers are shocked after being fitted when they’re finally wearing the right size. If you’re not near one of our stores in Long Island, NY., you can also take our online quiz to see if you’re wearing the right size. Our Find The One hub has tons of fit and style advice that will have you in lingerie heaven.


5. We’re experts.

You probably didn’t know that we’ve been around since 1886. We started in a tiny shop in Germany, and now we’re worldwide. Our European background has lent us the expertise in femininity and lingerie fit, and what’s cooler than owning something from Europe? Oui oui!

Please keep in mind:

We’re still growing… We know it’s hard to get physically fitted by one of our sales associates via your desktop or iPhone. Currently, we only have two retail locations, which are both in Long Island, NY. However, we have many boutique locations around the U.S. Find one near you! And check out all of our collections online!

You’ve caught us at the right time. Our entire Spring/Summer 2015 Collection is up to 50% off. Shop these styles by clicking here.

Let’s Get Crafty: DIY Inspiration Magnets

Don’t forget about our End of Season Sale online! Get 50% off our Spring/Summer Collection! Click here to shop.


 Let’s just brag on our wholesale marketing coordinator Anna for a second. She has channeled her artsy side to make these DIY magnets for her workspace. Also a calligrapher, Anna is always up to something creative. Thankfully, she’s willing to share her secrets and teach us how to create these little doves.

Materials needed:

1. Mod podge

2. Paint brush

3. Magnets

4. Paper imagery

5. Glass gems


1. Choose and size your paper imagery. Anna used some of her own calligraphy creations in addition to art and magazine cutouts.

2. Place art imagery onto glass gems.

3. Using a paint brush, apply the mod podge onto the paper and gems. Coat evenly.

4. Allow to dry.

5. Secure magnet to the back of the glass gems.

6. Stick them everywhere!

For other mod podge crafts, click here!

Connect with us on social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Life Hack: Foot Soaking & DIY Pedicures

Everyone can appreciate a helpful life hack, also known as shortcuts to make your everyday life a little easier. Today, we’ve got one you’ve probably never seen before, because, well, we invented it. Sort of.

To start, we’re going to show you a life hack you may have seen before. Perhaps you have sought out this beauty regimen at home instead of getting a pedicure at a nail salon. If you’re into DIY projects and at-home remedies, this one’s for you.

Have you ever let your feet soak in a mixture of mouth wash, vinegar and warm water? Supposedly, following the 15-minute soak, you should be able to “wipe” away the dead skin on your feet with a cloth.

We’re still a little skeptical, as bloggers and Pinterest testers have found the promised results to be questionable.

Therefore, without further adieu, allow us to introduce our life hack as a backup solution, which may actually prove to be more reliable than the prior.

It’s easy, just follow these steps:

1. After your shower, apply body lotion as normal.


2. Generously apply lotion to the bottoms of your feet. For more intense cases, the use of an ointment may be necessary.

3. Take a strip of plastic wrap or a large plastic bag and wrap it around each foot. Bread bags work best because you don’t need to seal the top.


bread bag

4. Apply socks over your wrapped feet.

5. Leave overnight and remove in the morning.


…and Voila! You’ll remove the wrap to find silky smooth feet, and you can do this as often as needed without having the fear of over exfoliating and cutting the bottoms of your feet. We’re pretty sure there’s no such thing as being too moisturized!



Huffington Post

This method is a great alternative to a pedicure if you’re trying to save money or prefer at-home treatment. Most people approach their dry, cracked feet by trying to remove the skin, but in most cases, it just needs a little love.

Tell us about your at-home DIY projects and beauty secrets! You could be featured on our blog! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

While you’re soaking, shop our End of Season Sale at! Click here to check out our Spring/Summer 2015 Collection and save up to 50%!

Patriotic Treats to Devour This 4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

We hope you’re celebrating with friends, family and lots of great food. We’d like to make it a little easier for you, though, so we’ve searched high and low for the best patriotic and colorful treats out there. And don’t feel guilty, because on holidays, calories just don’t count.

While you’re chowing down, take advantage of our three-day-only online sale! You can save up to 60% on all sale items from July 3-July 5. Click here to shop!

Shopping in-store? All sale items are an extra 40% off! Find a store near you by clicking here.

Now, back to the snacks.

1. Kabobs

Tons of deliciousness together on a stick. Great for kids and the kids at heart.

2. Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate-covered pretzels are Heaven. Period.

3. Chips and Salsa

A classic. Perhaps not exactly an American appetizer, but we love it nonetheless.

4. No Bake Cheesecake Trifle

Again, how can you resist when this snack is 50% fruit? You don’t even have to feel guilty about it!

5. Lady Liberty Smoothie

Okay, let’s talk healthy for a minute.

Spending the day by the pool? At the beach? Well then, you’re going to need some nutrition, and this Lady Liberty Smoothie is just the trick.

6. American Flag Pie

For all of you baking connoisseurs out there! This is sure to impress Aunt Sue at your family reunion.

For more Independence Day fun, you can refer back to our Memorial Day activities post, as most of them work for the 4th of July, too! Go America!

How To Style Your White Tops: Lingerie Edition

Shop Triumph Lingerie

Whether you like to stick to basics, such as white, black and nude, or branch out, with prints, bright colors and lace, our extensive range of style has something for everyone.

Rely on our guide below to find #TheOne for you, and shop our Spring/Summer 2015 Collection and save up to 50%!

If you’re going for nude:

We understand if you want your bra to be as invisible as possible. We have numerous, soft-padded nude bras to help you achieve just that.

Collection options:

Beauty-Full Basics (seen above)

Amourette Spotlight Tee Shirt Bra

Diamond Jacquard Tee Shirt Bra

Body Make-Up Magic Wire

Perfectly Soft

…Or, any of our Shapewear Bras, as most of them are available in nude.

If white is more your taste:

Love Spotlight

Love Spotlight

Although white is another obvious choice in this case, finding the perfect one can be a challenge.

Collection options:

Body Make-Up Magic Wire

Beauty-Full Basics

Love Spotlight, Poetic E or any picks from our Bridal Collection

If you wish to add a little color:

Collection options:

Amour Spotlight (now up to 50% off!)

Amourette 300

Candle Spotlight (now up to 50% off!)

Iconic E

If you like prints:

Collection options:

Mon Amour Spotlight (seen above, now up to 50% off!)

Amour Spotlight (now up to 50% off!)

If you like lace:

Collection options:

Amourette 300

Delicate Doreen

Amourette Spotlight


Have any style questions? Check out our Style Guide on the Find The One hub, and connect with us on social media! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Happy Father’s Day!

Here are some photos shared by Triumph team members of their Dads.

Oh, and want to add some humor to your life? Follow Fashion Dads on Instagram.

sam dad2

Samantha Avezzano, Account Executive for the East Coast, and her dad Eric


Bekime Azemi, Assistant Store Manager at Roosevelt Field, and her dad and siblings

diane dad

Diane Bibas, Accounts Receivable, and her dad Olivier

caitlyn dad

 Caitlyn Bohannon, Digital Marketing Coordinator, and her dad Vic

quadiri dad

Quadiri Bolare’s (Customer Service Rep) dad Kolly

rebecca dad

Rebecca Green, Retail Marketing Coordinator, and her dad David


Allison DePasquale, Area Manager, and her dad

jacqueline dad

Jacqueline McKay, Head of Human Resources, and her dad Robert

tracey husband

Tracey Sarmiento’s (Head of Wholesale) husband Scott and their two daughters

Send us your photos of you and Dad! Connect with us on social media: We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Don’t miss out on our End of the Season Sale at! Save up to 30%!

7 Best Lingerie Pieces For Light-Colored Clothing

Shop Triumph Lingerie

Summer means shedding it to your skivvies, and since it’s the season to show a little more and wear lighter colors, we’ve highlighted our best fairly toned lingerie sets that are sure to be hidden underneath your white and other lightly colored garments. If nothing else, nudes and whites always work on these occasions, but you may want to switch things up a bit. If so, you’re in luck, because our Angora Pink and Pearl hues, both parts of our Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, are all the rage. Light and airy, these pinks can even be worn underneath a thin white shirt.

Get yours while you still can! And lucky for you, our End of the Season Sale just began, which means 50% off… What are you waiting for?!

1. Pearl Magic Wire Tee Shirt Bra


Photo By WeShopInHeels

Magic Wire, our most recent innovation, is also available in white and smooth skin (nude) and in a push-up option for those wanting a little lift. Our Magic Wire bras are titled as such because they lack a metal wire but still offer a strong level of support! Yup, all the support of a wire without one. In its place, the metal wire is substituted with a long strip of silicone that’s more flexible and therefore more comfortable. These bras are even soft enough to sleep in, according to New York fashion blogger We Shop in Heels.

2. Smooth Skin Perfect Sensation Bodydress

A convenient alternative to the bodysuit, which is totally dependent on your personal preference, the Perfect Sensation Bodydress can be worn underneath any skirt or dress in your closet. Is shapewear not your style? Don’t knock it until you try it! Once you see the benefits of adding this significant piece to an outfit, you’ll never look back. It has removable straps, an underwire bra piece and stretchable, breathable fabric to keep you cool and your outfit looking spotless!

3. Amourette 300 in Angora Pink

Take your pick between padded, non-padded and wireless versions of this bra. The Amourette 300 bras are our customers’ go-to, staple piece. In fact, this fall, we’re celebrating more than 60 years with this beloved collection! How’s that for a classic?

4. Smooth Skin Amazing Sensation Bodysuit

Amazing Sensation Bodysuit

Amazing Sensation Bodysuit (Bra sold separately)

They didn’t name it “Amazing” for nothing. This bodysuit is great for anything from a night on the town to wearing it underneath your wedding dress. The design helps maintain smooth lines but is also easy on the eyes. Isn’t it great to have shapewear that doesn’t look like a latex glove?

5. Angora Amour Spotlight Tee Shirt Bra

It symbolizes the iconic image of our entire Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The pale pink hue, matched with a little bit of lace detail and tonal dot print, makes this style irresistible, ultimately comfortable and a great everyday solution for all of your summer needs.

6. White Beauty-Full Basics Convertible Bra

Let’s just be honest… This beauty is great year-round, but sleeveless, strapless and backless apparel has probably got you reaching for your convertible more often now than in December. Our Beauty-Full Collection has been designed for larger cup sizes (hence the “Full” in its name), so take a look at our available sizes and see if it would be right for you. If not, you can view our other convertible options here.

7. Nude Beige Beauty Sensation Push-Up Bra

Have you ever seen a nude bra more beautiful? It’s the ideal combination of shapewear, printed lace and boosted, full support. While you’re at it, check out our other styles from the Beauty Sensation collection, found on the Shapewear page.

What tips do you follow for smooth, invisible lines underneath lightly colored apparel? Do you have any questions about any of these products? You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or contact our customer service team! :)

Take An Inside Peek Into Our New Office Space!

We can’t lie. We’re obsessed with our new office in the 530 7th Avenue Showroom in Midtown New York. We’ve been in this building since our expansion into the U.S. nearly three years ago, but we’ve moved up four floors (from the 10th to the 14th) into a much bigger space as of about a month ago. Let’s just say we’ve got some room to stretch our legs and a separate showroom area to bring all of our clients. Come by and see us!

Office entrace

Office entrance

The showroom during Market Week

The sunny showroom, featuring some styles from our AW15 Collection

The showroom wall featuring our AW15 Collection


The SS15 Collection hung perfectly in its own corner


A ceiling-high portrait featuring our Amazing Sensation Collection


The foyer

Welcome to Cocktail Hour

It’s finally starting to feel like summer!

Here are our favorite cocktail recipes of the season, in order from simple to extra fancy! Give them a try and tell us about your adventures by tagging us on social media.

1. The Whole Shebang

Let’s start with the basics. Want something simple for a day by the pool? Well, here you go!

Coconut vodka + pineapple and cranberry juices + (optional) fresh fruit = The Whole Shebang. What more would you ever want or need? We know coconut-flavored rum is a go-to during summer, but our selection for this one is vodka. Trust us. The fruity-flavor pairings will make the alcohol invisible to taste, so tread carefully, ladies!

2. Pool Water

Another basic drink great for this time of year. Use a base of blue Hawaiian Punch for this mixture, and add in the liquor of your choice plus a can of pineapple juice. Mix together ahead of time. Cut up a pineapple and add in diced chunks. Chill for an hour. Topping with cherries and/or lemon in each drink would be cute and tasty, too! Click the link above for Martha Stewart’s recipe.

3. CoronaRita

Aka Margarona, aka deliciousness, aka Heaven. A Corona plus a margarita is the definition of beach days and all things summer. Do you ever feel overwhelmed from the tartness of the lime flavoring in margaritas? Here’s your solution. The Corona makes a margarita taste even better (yes, it’s possible) by toning down the acidity of the lime. Plus, if you’re not a huge fan of the taste of liquor and more of a beer drinker, a CoronaRita was made for you. Pick up some chips and guac to pair with and it’s time to fiesta!

4. Blueberry Mojito

 The best of its kind. This one’s hard to turn down because of the nutritional facts of blueberries. If you’re going to drink, incorporate some healthy fruits and veggies to offset the alcohol. (That works, right?) These are so easy to make, but they do require a bit more work than the recipes above, so we put this beauty right in the middle for you.

5. Mango Strawberry Sangria

Light. Refreshing. Sangrias were simply made for summer. With all the sweetness of a dessert, sangrias are a challenge to avoid and perfect for wine lovers for obvious reasons! ;) Perfect for a gal with a sweet tooth.

6. ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ Rum Punch

Hallelujah.  Orange, pineapple, lime juice. Plus rum, with a cherry on top. Literally. We’re not playing around with this one; things are getting serious. As seen in the picture, this recipe is great for a party! Add in a little alcohol or turn it up depending on your guest list. For a mixture so “pretty,” you’re sure to impress all of your friends. Find the full recipe here.

7. Coconut Water Champagne

So classy! It’s the mimosa with a face lift for all of our calorie counters out there! We can all appreciate lighter options every now and then. This one’s also perfect for brunch! Having the girls over? Hit em with this and they’ll never want to leave! Give them a refill and maybe they’ll help you clean your house!

8. Melon Ball Punch

This recipe is no joke, and honestly, it’s going to take some extra work but it’s so ultimately worth it. Who needs ice when you’ve got melons? It’s hot outside, and there’s nothing worse than a watered down drink. Creative and playful, this recipe is for all of your fun occasions on the hottest days.

What are your favorite cocktail recipes? Connect with us on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Switch Things Up: Make Memories This Memorial Day Weekend

Some jump at the chance to travel during a long weekend, but if it’s not quite your style, we’ve found a list of fun activities to help you soak up every minute no matter where you spend it while still honoring this beautiful country we live in.

A little history about the holiday:

The day began as a tribute to Civil War soldiers that died in the war but was then broadened to honor all fallen Americans that have died while serving in the military. It was once called Decoration Day, as communities would decorate the headstones in military cemeteries with flags, so follow our guide of activities to show your patriotism with pride!

1. Spend time with a retired veteran

Remember the reason for this day. Give back and pay your respects. Help a veteran you know do yard work, pick up some groceries for them or take them for a drive. It could make their week. Or, find a military memorial or cemetery in your area to visit.

2. Show off your American pride and creative side

Crafts. Recipes. You get the picture!

The majority of these can be used again for other holidays (or the entire summer) and can always be reused in the following years. Remember to date each craft and document each recipe you find to remind yourself of when it was made and when the tradition was started.

3. Paint t-shirts

These are so cute and great for all ages. They can also be worn again on the 4th of July!

4. This.

So cool! You’ll have the best looking yard in the entire neighborhood! Again, it’s a fun activity with kids and the perfect opportunity to teach them about the holiday.

5. Batter up

Go to a baseball game! Some stadiums host free fireworks shows for these types of holidays, and it’s not hard to find reasonably priced tickets while still enjoying a front row seat for the fireworks.

6. Run your first 5K, 10K, half marathon…You name it.

It’s a great way to kick off those personal goals you’ve set for yourself that haven’t quite been done yet. Organizations that host these races are usually planning them around holiday weekends and other seasonal times of the year, so do some research and see if there’s one in your area. Grab a few friends to join you or create an entire team. Start a fundraiser to collect money for retired veterans or an organization that supports them.

 7. SHOPPING, duh.

Umm, hello? Can you say, “SALE”? You’re sure to see plenty of great sales this weekend. In fact, Triumph is offering three tiers of sales this weekend on the site. Get $10 off any $50 purchase, $25 off $100 purchase and $50 off $150 purchase. So, what are you waiting for? —->

Be on the lookout for beach gear, such as chairs, towels and sunscreen, and stock up on all of your summer needs. This weekend is sure to show you some wallet-friendly prices!

How are you spending the long weekend? Tell us on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


ICYMI: Triumph’s Spring Fling With Journelle

journelle event3

We officially kicked off our Spring/Summer 2015 Collection last week with Journelle, a designer lingerie store exclusive to New York City, and were so pleased with the turnout! A large number of shoppers came to Find The One bra for them, while enjoying complimentary cocktails and champagne, provided by Amor Y Amargo, and a braid and lip bar held by My Spa 2 Go beauticians.

We were so excited (as always) to team up with Journelle, which has locations in Union Square, Soho and the Upper East Side. Why? Here’s some background on how the company came about…

In 2007, entrepreneur and founder Claire Chambers recognized the need for an upscale, everyday lingerie shopping experience.  She then created Journelle and titled the company from the French word journellement, meaning “daily,” to emphasize the idea that gorgeous lingerie should be worn every day, and it helps women feel sexy, whether they’re in business clothes or pajamas.

And we’re so glad you did, Claire. :)

Here’s some photos from the event:


Journelle, Union Square NYC


Amor Y Amargo baristas preparing drinks


Nadia Angeloni, Head of Marketing and Tracey Sarmiento, Head of Wholesale at Triumph


Triumph’s Amourette Spotlight on display


Anna Chen, Marketing Coordinator, getting her hair braided by the My Spa 2 Go beautician


Shoppers eyeing the Amour Spotlight panty


Iconic E on display


Nadia, Isabelle Stahl, Head of Brand, and Samantha Avezzano, Account Executive for the East Coast for Triumph


A shopper enjoying a lip makeover by a My Spa 2 Go beautician


Anna Chen’s finished braid


Another shopper getting her hair braided by the My Spa 2 Go beautician


An Amor Y Amargo barista going strong


The Cherie E set on display


Bubbly, continued


Libby Miras, Merchandise Allocator, Alex, Quadiri, Patricia and Shannon Doyle, Sales Coordinator of Triumph


Tracey, and Jacqueline McKay, Head of HR, in front of the Triumph display


Shoppers sneaking a selfie in front of the Triumph display


What a crowd!


The Triumph U.S. team: From left to right, Caitlyn Bohannon, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Shannon, Tracey, Jacqueline, Samantha, Libby, Nadia, Anna, Isabelle, Quadiri, Patricia, Alex

                     You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mother's Day

A Tribute To Our Fabulous, Remarkable Moms

For Mother’s Day this year, we’re giving you a discount of 30% off our loungewear styles. SHOP HERE! Use promotional code “FORME30″ for this discount, which lasts from Wednesday, May 6 through Sunday, May 10.

Treat your mom, and moms, treat yourself!

The truth is, there’s no gift in this world that adequately tells Mom how much she matters, how much she’s influenced, encouraged and nurtured our lives. We have this holiday to honor her hard work and endless love and affection, but truly, everyday is Mother’s Day. There’s no sick days or vacation time when you’re a Mom, and for that reason, we must remember the daily sacrifices she makes to us. We love you, Mom!

Triumph Loves Our Moms!

Below are photos of our U.S. team with their Mom’s as well as those that have earned the honorable “Mom” title with their forever babies!

Happy Mother’s Day!

sam mom

Samantha Avezzano, Account Executive for the East Coast, and her mom Karen


Diane Bibas (right), Accounts Receivable, and her mom Fabienne

me and mom

Caitlyn Bohannon (right), Digital Marketing Coordinator, and her mom Connie

Shaiyanne mom

Shaiyanne Dar (right), E-Commerce Manager, and her mom Marivic

allison pic

Allison DePasquale, Area Manager, and her son Jake


Rebecca Green, Retail Marketing Coordinator, and her mom Karen


Alex Lee, Sales Analyst, and his mom Kate

jacqueline's mom

Jacqueline McKay, Head of Human Resources, and her mom Gail

Tracey kids

Tracey Sarmiento, Head of Wholesale, and her two daughters

To all of our loving moms out there: We love you, we adore you, and we can’t say enough great things about you.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

love spotlight blog

Here Comes the Bridal Wear

We’re offering the perfect looks for your wedding this season. From an indulgent dressing gown, to ultimate support from our options for fuller cups, our 2015 Bridal Collection has been crafted from the very best materials and by our trusted team of incredibly talented designers.

The collection includes romantic and sexy pieces for every memorable moment you plan to enjoy. Your wedding should be an unforgettable, cherished experience, which is why our designers take extra care and time in creating these special garments. While our bridal collection has a vintage feel, it also offers modern seduction.

A tribute to Triumph’s European heritage and reputation as a true Maker of Lingerie, this collection has something for everyone.

Poetic E, Photo by Frank Widemann

Poetic E, Photo by Frank Widemann

Our Poetic E mini collection in snow white was crafted specifially for our bridal customers and features laser-cut embroidery that creates a couture appeal. Its satin jacquard pattern lends all-over texture, while its accessories, such as the suspender belt and garter, create the perfect wedding set for the sophisticated bride.

Love Spotlight

Love Spotlight

Our Love Spotlight set features a delicate bustier with smooth padded cups, lace and tulle. Optional gel inserts allow for an extra lift, while the various strap options offer a range of looks to accommodate whatever type wedding dress you may plan to wear. Designed to be the most comfortable bridal lingerie on earth, the Love Spotlight set has delicate, corded lace and lightweight bonded edges to ensure an invisible appeal underneath clothing. Affordable and one-of-a-kind, this series also comes with a wedding kit, including a garter, collar and brazilian.

Bridal Loungewear

Bridal Loungewear


For when you’re getting ready for the big day, our bridal loungewear is not only reliable but beautiful and eloquent. Use these when applying makeup, getting your hair done, deciding last-minute details, or during relaxation time on your honeymoon. The collection commonly features delicate lace, lending classic appeal as well as romantic ruffles that add a sensual edge. Styles currently available (only for a limited time) include the above chemise and robe.

One of the most iconic aspects of your wedding will be the dress, but don’t forget about what goes underneath it. Our many shapewear styles, offered in nude and white, will help you achieve a smooth, seamless look and the perfect shape.

Buying for the bride? Don’t be afraid to stray away from white. Our Sensual E and Iconic E styles in black are incredibly sexy and flattering.

Sensual E

Sensual E

The Sensual E features ethereal lace with a fine, handmade look that adds a refined and artistic touch to the irrestible scoop-necked underwire bra. Delicate scalloped edges ensure a seamless finish with an invisible look under clothing. Match with its corresponding thong panty to create a sleek look.

Iconic E

Iconic E

The Iconic E, which photographs beautifully on the gorgeous Hannah Ferguson, also has a lace design that was inspired by palm trees and creates a seductive, exotic look with timeless sensuality. Its scalloped edges add feminine allure and ensure a smooth and sleek finish without showing visible lines under clothing. Iconic E offers a luxurious take on the bestselling Amourette fit with modern workmanship and premium finishes. A soft hook-and-eye and angel wire make for utmost comfort.

Shop all of these looks on our site at or visit one of our store locations in Long Island, NY.


The Ultimate Shoe Guide for Commuters

How long is your commute? 5 minutes? 30? An hour plus? Some of us New Yorkers travel long journeys to bring you such beautiful lingerie every day, so we’ve got to have a shoe that can withstand the miles. In New York, most people walk, bike or take the subway, and the foot miles add up more quickly than you’d think. A day exploring the city can accumulate to as many as 8 miles on foot, depending on your choice of travel. If you’re mostly walking during the day, take our advice to keep those toes twinkling and that pedi looking new for longer.

Soft flats:

Keyword: soft. Yes, duh – flats are the most obvious choice here. But, some flats wear as uncomfortably as heels. Pointy flats are super cute, but they can also cramp your toes if you’re walking more than half a mile to your destination. The right flat that features a soft structure but also durability will ease your commute while preventing blisters. Flats that have a plastic or patent structure can be comfortable, but it usually takes some time to break these in. Avoid the wait. Flats with rounded toes are more likely to be more comfortable upon initial wear. While a fabric structure may not be as durable, they feel like slippers, and who doesn’t want to walk around in slippers all day?

A wise sandal:

We recommend a less expensive style, because they are sure to acquire some wear. Are you willing to risk stepping in a puddle or on a dirty street? If not, go for a different pair. Separate your nice sandals from your lower cost, casual ones. Picking up some debris is usually inevitable through your travels, so do yourself a favor when choosing a commuting sandal. Browns and other earth tones are popular as they tend to show less signs of dirt and wear, as well as they pair well with mostly any outfit of color.

Sinful sneakers:

Most people think they are sacrificing their outfit when selecting this choice of shoe, but you don’t have to! You may think it is a win-lose situation, since your feet are in heaven during a long walk in sneakers, but your mind fills with doubt because from the ankle up, your outfit is all business casual. There is a thin line between brilliant and disastrous, but you can make sneakers stylish with the right shoe choice while you commute. Feminine colors and less bulky structures are the first guidelines to follow. Keeping them clean and free of marks is sometimes challenging but will also keep your look polished. The more dirty and worn a sneaker is, the more your outfit will suffer.

If you must, heels:

Some refuse to even risk sacrificing a perfect outfit, (we’re looking at you, Carrie Bradshaw). And we really don’t blame you. Looking great is about feeling great, and if slacks and sneakers aren’t for you, we understand. We do recommend a heel with sturdy ankle structure, such as ones with a buckle or strap, to avoid twisting an ankle. (Ouch!) Booties are another option, since it’s easier to walk in a shoe with a chunky heel.  

Speaking of booties… Boots:

This is also a big one. Great for the colder months. Another obvious choice here is rain boots for the dreary, puddle-filled days. It’s a huge advantage if your office is casual, because you’ll probably be able to wear these all day if you don’t feel like changing. Those with little-to-no heel can easily be all-day styles. We’ve started to see boots become an all-year-round choice, so get on it!

Color me happy:

If these shoes are going to be your “everyday’s,” choose your color wisely. Whether you want something classic and basic or punchy and bright, pick what you like and what best defines your style. There are literally millions of choices out there.

What do you choose for your commute and why? Share your commuting kicks with us on social using hashtag #TriumphStyle.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Braids To Try This Summer

Braids in the summertime are the cherry on the top of our sundae.

During a day on the beach, the salty air gives your locks the right amount of lush and texture for a gorgeous braid. Although the salt paired with the ocean breeze can cause your hair to be tangled or even make it appear to be messy, messy hair is in, so there’s even more reason to swing it to the side and twist it into a braid or two.

The roughness the salt gives your hair actually holds the braid intact more efficiently. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to keep a braid looking fresh with first-day-clean hair? Yeah, us too, which is why it’s better to save the braid for a dirtier day. (No shame.) Another possible advantage to salt-drenched hair and the summer breeze is the lack of need to use a hair tie. If you’re going for more of a casual look, you can braid your hair without removing the tangles, and it’s more likely to stay intact without tying it together.

Refinery29 showed us how to do this with some simple teasing and hairspray.

The problem is, not everyone knows how to braid, but we’ve found some styles that anyone can do, so Tis the season, and let’s get to braiding.

 1. Upside-down braid into a ballet bun

The classic top knot with a twist. We love this style for an evening look. Pair with a flared skirt and pumps, and dance the night away. Ballet buns are ideal for second-day looks. Why not elevate the look of a traditional ballet bun and add a braid? Just flip over your hair, and start braiding from your neck up. When you get to your crown, gather the rest of your hair together and secure in a bun.

 2. Two-piece braid into a ponytail

The good thing about this style is the braid only requires two pieces of hair, so if you don’t know how to braid with three, this style is for you. Separate two strands of hair at the beginning of your part and begin twisting. As you work your way back, gradually pick up more hair. It doesn’t have to be perfect, which is another convenient part about this style. Once you get to the middle-back part of your head, gather the remainder of your hair and tie it into a ponytail. Easy as pie.

3. Side braid, hair down

Want to sport a braid while still wearing your hair down? This style is perfect for you. We all remember being seven years old (when our moms still did our hair) with a side braid that had a nice, chunky hair tie at the bottom. Well, it’s time to grow up. We don’t want our rainbow hair ties or scrunchies to show anymore. There’s two options here: 1. As you braid downward, aim backwards and underneath the top layer of your hair, so when you tie off the hair, it’s underneath that top layer, causing the hair tie to be hidden. 2. Or, you can always secure with bobby pins underneath the top layer.

4. Braided Crown

This style is so boho, and we love it. It’s great for day or night, casual or formal. You can start with a traditional braid or a French braid on either side. Braid to the end of hair, and secure both with hair ties. Wrap one around the back of your head to the underneath of the other braid, and secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

With the warmer months of the year well under way, beach days and weddings are sure to be on your itinerary for the summer. Whether you’re getting hitched or just attending, braided hairstyles are perfect for all types of bridal occasions. Let the versatility of braids transform your style this spring and summer.

What braided hair trends are you trying this season? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and as always, shop your favorite lingerie online at!

Photo from Alessandra Ambrosio

Spring Styles We’re Loving This Season

Spring is easily the most wonderful time of the year (step aside, Christmas). Florals, bright colors, showing some skin, late sunsets…they all never get old. Spring is short, and it will pass you by in the blink of an eye, so don’t wait to try out the best trends of the season this year. Here are our favorites:

1. A-line skirts

We honestly don’t know what took so long. For the last few seasons, everyone has been crazy about free-flowing, shapeless skirts, which are great for breezy, warm weather, but it has been almost impossible to come across any A-line skirts. Until now. This spring and summer, we should be sure to find them around much more often, as they were seen all over the spring Fashion Week runways this season. We curve-challenged gals couldn’t be happier. These A-line skirts work on any shape and lend the most flattering figure. With all the different fabric options out there, including silk, cotton and tulle, this look is an endless must-have.

2. Wild, strappy sandals

We know, We know. Some of these are a little extreme for ladies leaning toward more classic and under-the-radar looks, but gladiator sandals have been coming back every season for almost a decade, and every year, they creep higher and higher up the ankle. They are easily transforming from trendy to traditional. This year, styles that are a little more on the trendy side are going for the knee, with some styles even surpassing it. Nonetheless, they are a great everyday sandal that will match with almost any spring outfit.

3. Bright white

Brides: Watch Out. You don’t have to be engaged and planning a wedding this season to pull off all-white everything. Bright, vivid white is back and was seen frequently on the runways this year. White lace. White florals. White mesh. Basically, if it’s white, you’re doing it right. In the past, other hues such as beige and cream took center stage in front of white, but designers are pushing for a clean slate. We’re on board.

White has always worked for us at Triumph, which is why we make sure to offer the majority of our styles in white, because we know it is a safe bet most times when it comes to under garments. Our bridal collection is the obvious reference here, but you can most likely choose your favorite bra and find that it is also offered in white, such as the Amourette 300 (left photo) or our Beauty-Full Basic (middle photo). Our Love Spotlight (right photo) is perfect for any special occasion, whether it’s for a honey moon or not.

4. Pretty pantones

For several years, neon has ruled the scene for warmer months, and now designers are opting for more subtle pantones. We couldn’t be more thrilled. These calmer hues look great with any skin tone while they also embody the true colors of the season. Here is a chart we found from attributing all of these colors.

See? These pantones are the true colors of spring, which is why we incorporated them in our spring and summer collection styles this year. (You’re welcome!)

Our Valentine nightdress and Mon Amour Spotlight lingerie set (left and middle photos) make a statement through the gorgeous hues of marsala and glacier grey, while our new Body Make-Up bras (right photo) feature lavender herb and dusk blue in floral prints and solids.

5. Long, comfy cardigans

We love, love, love. Why? Because these cardigans basically wear like robes. Going out for the night? Staying in? In the office? No matter your plans during a cool Spring night, wrapping up in a long cardigan is not only comfortable but also stylish. It’s the next best thing to wearing pajamas in public without looking like a bed head.

What trends are you following this spring? Share your photos with us on social using hashtag #TriumphStyle. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Amourette Spotlight

Let’s Get Crafty: Repurposing Road Maps

Are you a world wanderer?

Triumph Lingerie is global, so we love all things travel. With our headquarters in Switzerland and roots extending all the way from the U.S. to South Africa to Australia, we make it a priority to know the world map and experience as much of it as we can.

You’ve probably seen many craft ideas reusing road maps. Since we rarely use them anymore, there is so much you can do with a road map. (Partial thanks to GPS navigation!) There is something so artsy, vintage and beautiful about paper maps, making crafting possibilities with them an endless adventure.

Many of these printed map crafts include the use of mod podge. Mod podge is a type of glue that dries completely clear and works well with print paper and even photo paper.

Using a regular paint brush, you can paint mod podge onto a piece of paper, covering the edges, to glue the paper onto another object. Unlike typical glue, mod podge goes on the front of paper instead of the back and doesn’t cause paper to be soggy or clumpy.

Once it has dried, you can’t even tell the two pieces weren’t bonded together before. Mod podge can be found at most craft stores and even some larger retail stores that have craft sections.

We came across one in particular using mod podge and a heart stencil. By tracing the heart stencil around the printed map images, you can center in on one particular location.

The example in the picture below shows a creation by one of our team members, who has lived in multiple states and cities and created her mod podge map canvas based on those areas. Play around with this depending on your favorite places or dream destinations. Go international!

If you don’t have an old road map and would need to go buy one, another option is to take screenshots of Google Maps on your computer, save them as picture files and print them in the appropriate size.

When choosing your stencil, the most common choice is a heart, but you can go in any direction with this. Use a star stencil and create a galaxy-inspired theme. If you don’t have a set of stencils at home, you can easily create one by simply printing the shape of your choice from your computer and cutting it out. Find the shape you want and resize it to whatever size you would like before printing.

In case you would like to try this craft yourself, below you will find some necessary supplies and instructions for completing this project. Have fun with it and show us your creations! We think this craft is a fairly easy project to complete, so even if you’re not the most artsy person, we’re sure you won’t have any trouble completing this one.

Supplies needed:

Art canvas

Acrylic or oil paint

Medium-sized paintbrushes

Mod podge

Printed map images





1. Paint your canvas the desired color.

2. Let dry for 24 hours.

3. After selecting the map images you wish to use, take your stencil and trace around them.

4. Cut around the trace.

5. Place your stenciled map images on your canvas in their desired spots.

6. Dip a paintbrush into the mod podge and begin to paint on and neatly around the edges of the printed image. Start from the middle and work your way out to the edges to release any air bubbles from underneath the image.

7. Apply additional coats if necessary, and let dry.

8. We also recommend to paint the remainder of the canvas with mod podge so it has the same glossy finish as the images.

9. Once dry, hang and enjoy.

People enjoy displaying these types of crafts in their homes because they embody self representation and life journey. It goes along with that old saying that compares traveling to books: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Almost everyone makes it a life goal to travel the world, and once they do, they want to keep physical memories of their experiences, which is a great cause for map crafting.

Share with us your recent mod podge and printed map craft adventures on social. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

5 Spring Cleaning Chores You Shouldn’t Ignore

We all lead busy lives, but it’s that time of year to get a fresh start. You may have already bought a new Swiffer duster or vacuum cleaner to prep for some spring cleaning in your home, but we hope you won’t overlook our five tips. These are sure to not only help your health but also your well being. :)

1. Change your home air filter

Mold is no joke, and it’s most often a silent attacker. Yes, we all know what mold can look like, but sometimes its presence can go unnoticed in some areas of your home, such as your air vents. Chances are, you’re probably not checking your air ducts too frequently, if ever, and those spots are breeding grounds for mold depending on the humidity and other factors in your home. You may start to notice mold on your air vent fixtures, which is a clear sign that it is occupying the remainder of your vents.

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way by breathing in the fumes of mold, which can cause you to get sick. Remember to change your air filters as often as every season to keep your home free from mold. If you do come across any mold, contact a specialist immediately.

2. Empty and organize your pantry

It’s time for those Fritos you bought for the Super Bowl to get out, as well as all of the leftover Halloween candy and holiday packaged desserts that were never eaten last year. Since spring undoubtedly brings bikini season along with it, we all must remember that old saying, “A moment on the lips; a lifetime on the hips!” Don’t settle for dated, unhealthy snacks when it’s the perfect time to trash the holiday treats and get ready for that itsy bitsy, polka dot bikini. It’s also a great time to start looking out for local farmer markets in your area to get your hands on fresh produce.

3. Replace your pet’s toys

They’ve been carried all around the house, in and out of your pet’s mouth and occasionally in the toilet. You’ve ran them through the dishwasher or washing machine several times, or maybe you’ve even sprayed them with Lysol. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s officially Trash Day. If the amount of germs on these toys isn’t enough to convince you, imagine how happy your pet will feel upon the receipt of a new ball or rope. Pet toys are fairly cheap, so give the old ones a toss.

4. Donate old clothes

Think about all of those tacky or plain Jane sweaters you never wore last winter. These same-ole sweaters accumulate as frequently as tee shirts, and hoarding an abundance of them won’t benefit anyone. If you’re stuck with a pile of drab sweaters you know you’ll never wear again, we suggest you donate them to a nearby charity or clothing closet. Not only will you give to those less fortunate, you’ll also make space in your closet for new clothes!  Trust us, your loved ones will thank you for finally changing up your look.

In addition to sweaters and other clothing items that you have to donate, you should also gather any used bras for an initiative we’re kicking off next month (starting April 13 through May 7), benefitting Free the Girls charity. You can trade in any gently used bra and receive 20 percent off a new, regular priced one! Click here to find one of our stores near you. If you’re not near one of our stores, there are instructions on the Free the Girls website for sending a bra by mail or dropping one off at one of their locations. See? Giving back does pay off!

5. Treat yourself

Spring (thankfully) is a time for renewal, so feel free to reward yourself by buying a new outfit, cutting off your hair or investing in a new hobby. Often times, we get so wrapped up in everyday life that we forget about ourselves and our own personal needs, which are vital to our physical and mental health. Consider out-of-the-box ideas from your normal routine, and just wait for benefits of taking a leap of faith.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Smoothie Recipes Inspired By Our Lingerie

Let’s get fruity!

Smoothies and lingerie: who would have thought the two would go well together? The colors and patterns of our spring and summer collection items got us thinking about fruity drinks for warm weather, so we created a handful of tasty smoothie recipes that are not only healthy but also are inspired by some of our most iconic intimate apparel styles. Indulge in these beverages knowing they were created uniquely for our awesome customers!

1. Mixed Berry Detox Smoothie

Our first recipe is inspired by our Mon Amour Spotlight Tee Shirt Bra in a multicolor floral print. This recipe is great for detoxing through the antioxidants in the berries and a boost in protein, thanks to the Greek yogurt. Try this smoothie for breakfast to kick start your day.


Ingredients (makes 2 servings):

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries

1 cup pomegranate juice

1 cup Greek yogurt, fruit of your choice (we recommend strawberry, but peach is good, too!)

1 small handful of ice cubes

½ cup water


Blend together until desired consistency is achieved

Don’t forget:

If you decide to include pomegranate juice, make sure you’re not buying a brand made primarily with high fructose corn syrup or juices from concentrate. In these cases, it’s a better idea to not rely on the label or logo and instead read the ingredient list and nutrition facts. Are there 40 grams of sugar in your selection? Then it’s probably not the best choice.

We tried making this recipe with almond milk, and it came out completely different. The smoothie began to congeal after a few minutes, leaving it ultimately too think, which is why we recommend a dash of water and ice cubes in milk’s place. Given the thickness of the yogurt with the addition of the solid fruit, using water didn’t make the smoothie too thin or watered down.

2. Banana and Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

This one is inspired by our Second Skin Sensation Bodydress, offered in Smooth Skin and Black. Try this recipe following a workout or other type of physical activity. At this time, your body needs to be replenished with nutrients that were lost during exercise. This smoothie will help you get reenergized and ready for the next activity in your day.


Ingredients (makes 2 servings):

½ cup peanut butter

1 banana, peeled

1 cup milk or almond milk

1tbsp honey

1 tsp cinnamon

1 small handful of ice cubes


Blend together until desired consistency is achieved


This smoothie is delicious. There’s no better word to describe it. We could easily have this smoothie recipe for breakfast every day, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind that bananas, which serve as a great source for potassium, also have a lot of sugar. The average banana has 28 grams of sugar, while peanut butter tends to have a lot of fat on its own, so it’s best to skip this recipe if you skipped your workout.

3. Almond and Fruit Sleepy Smoothie

Inspired by our loungewear styles, this recipe was created to enhance your time dedicated to relaxing and unwinding. Did you know that sesame seeds can make you sleepy? Combine those with a small glass of milk to coat your stomach, and you’ll be catching Z’s before you know it.


Ingredients (makes 2 servings):

1 cup almond butter

½ cup fresh or frozen cherries

1 banana, peeled

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp sesame seeds

1 small handful of ice cubes


Blend together until desired consistency is achieved

Why it’s great:

It’s more common than not for the average American adult to feel sleepy throughout the day and be met with sleeplessness at night. During the day, our brains are in a full sprint until nighttime finally arrives, and undoubtedly, we can’t fall asleep. We suddenly remember the email we should have responded to or an appointment we forgot to book. It’s almost impossible to turn our brains off. Our smartphones and favorite television shows also keep us staying up late, which is exactly when this recipe comes in handy. It’s a better solution than taking over-the-counter, sleep-inducing medications or staying up all night, so try it out and sleep tight!

Do you have any fun smoothie recipes to share?

Photo from

10 “Green” Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Often times, holidays are turned into an excuse for drinking, so we went the lengths to find you several activities to celebrate the Irish holiday in your own way, minus the booze and dreaded hangover. You’re welcome!

1. Volunteer for the environment

It’s the authentic way of being green. Pick up trash in your community, join a park committee or even help an elderly neighbor shovel the snow out of their driveway. These activities take up little time and allow you to give back, get some exercise and get outside to enjoy the fresh air. Who knows, you could even meet new friends.

2. Buy a new plant for your home

Simple greenery can give so much life to a room in both design and health aspects. You know that nostalgic feeling when opening a window to let in some fresh air? Give yourself that gift 24/7 while making the appearance of your home more complete and rich.

3. Sell some used goods

Got any old stuff lying around? Make some green. We all have used items collecting dust in our homes that we’re not sure what to do with, and there’s a possibility you could sell some of those items on eBay or Craigslist to make an extra buck. Or, organize a yard sale in your neighborhood to build community between yourself and those in your area, which will also help in attracting more shoppers.

4. Crafting

Pinterest has changed everything about crafting for the good. There are enough craft ideas to fill a lifetime on Pinterest to help you and your family celebrate the holiday in memorable ways. These crafts will become keepsakes that will always remind you of the time spent together, and you’ll also form family traditions for future holiday celebrations. Make a scrapbook of how you’ve spent the holiday each year, and include each craft to preserve your art.

5. Kiss someone who’s Irish

Spread a little love to the little ones in your life!

6. Recycling

Go green. Do right for the Earth. Recycling has evolved to our advantage, and such centers can be found almost anywhere. Don’t throw away glass bottles or cardboard packaging when those items can easily be recycled and reused. It takes such a small amount of effort, and once you form a habit of doing it, you’ll forget the time it takes. Create a specific space in your home to keep these items in-between trips to recycling centers. You can purchase a large plastic container to hold them and keep them organized, instead of throwing them under the sink or behind the trash can. In fifty years, when we’ve solved the phenomenon of global warming, you’ll be glad you made the responsible choice.

7. Eat some fresh greens

Instead of filling your body with alcohol and fried bar food, visit a quaint café in your neighborhood and try a new salad or healthy entrée on the menu. Your body will thank you for choosing a more nutritious option, and you’ll feel better also. Hangovers are so not worth it, especially in the middle of the week, since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday this year.

8. Bake a green treat

Again, Pinterest. Try a few. Reward yourself for the aforementioned salad. How cute are these shamrock-shaped cupcakes? This is a fun activity you could do with your kids, creating more memories and teaching them their ways around the kitchen. Change up the recipes you find to better suite your family, and make them your own. Then tell us about your creations!

9. Relax and rejuvenate

Give yourself an at-home, St. Patrick’s Day-inspired manicure or a face mask. There are most likely tons of items in your pantry right now that could be used for a mask. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of any holiday or season to treat yourself and abandon all of the major stresses of everyday life.

10. Count your luck

Notice the things going right in your life, and use this holiday as a time to appreciate them. It’s a hard task to remember to do this, but in the end, you’ll feel less stressed and more appreciative for the good in your life. Who or what makes up your own pot of gold?

How do you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Share your celebrations with us on Twitter by tagging us @Triumph_US or on Instagram @Triumph_US.

BMC Headwear,

Winter to Spring: 6 In-Between Season Style Tips

We’re all ready for spring, but most of us are still stuck in winter weather, causing us to side-eye our far-away friends on the west coast or down south in Miami.

It’s still cold, but March has arrived, prompting us to pull out those florals and bright colors to take advantage of the season. Sadly, it’s not quite time to trade in our jeans for jorts. Fashionistas around the nation are stuck trying to find the right outfit and accessories. We experience the same frustrating situation in the transition between summer and fall when Labor Day forces us to abandon all of our trusty whites, but we decline to follow such a silly rule. Almost any color is right for any time of year if done the right way. Let us show you how, and fear no more!

Spring forward with these simple tips to channel neutrals with tiny pops of color to master the winter-to-spring grueling transition.

1. White Outer Layer

A white wool coat will keep you warm and covered while also brightening your vibe and launching your look into the new, fresh season. It will not only serve its purpose as a top layer but will also give you a sense of hope every time you look down at your sleeve, knowing that the potential for tan lines is just around the corner.

2. Mani/Pedi

grey nail

BuzzFeed / Justine Zwiebel

Grey, grey, grey. We can’t get over it, and we refuse to try. You just can’t go wrong with a grey mani or pedi. Whether it’s winter, fall or spring, rely on one of the fifty shades of grey to get you through these last few chilly days until we reach warmer weather.

3. Pucker up

Here’s where the pop of color comes in: hot pink. Play around with the different shades depending on your skin tone. This hue works well in almost any season, whether it’s sultry summer or the dead of winter. Avoid seasonal depression with these hot pinks and get lost in a dream of tropical flamingos.

4. Bag it

We don’t have to remind you that your handbag should always be a statement piece. It defines your personality, so make sure that baby pops with color, style and presence! Handbags weren’t created to sit in the shadows. Let them shine, whether it’s through embossed leather or stitched embroidery.

5. Footsies

This is your wild card. The truth is, throughout the day, you’re probably going to be wearing 10 different pairs from play to commute to work to home, which is why women are endowed to an unlimited amount! Depending on rain, ice, snow or sun, your shoe choice will reflect the weather, so go with your gut! More than likely, you can’t go wrong here, because shoes truly are a girl’s best friend.

6. La La La Lingerie

Last but definitely not least, we have lingerie, which, to your advantage, is totally up to you and what makes you feel great. Along with the most classic colors and shades, we build our lingerie to fit you comfortably and wholly. Check out some of our great styles in the spring collection on our site, featuring soft floral prints and our crowd favorite Amourette 300 bra which is now offered in flashy pink. Wahoo!

What are your go-to styling habits during the dead of winter? How do you manage a balance?

Woman on bed

No Year’s Resolutions

Why take away the few joys of the beginning of January, a time that is tough enough due to post-holiday fatigue, by making rigid rules? Resolutions – while giving us good, worthy feelings when they’re made – can often make us feel miserable if we don’t stick to them.

We often set ourselves unrealistic goals (Lose weight! Sleep more! Stress less!) and as a result feel defeated before we’ve even begun.

The simple answer is: don’t set yourself resolutions in the first place. If you want to make a change, buck the trend and set yourself a New Year free from resolutions. Do what you love. Be kind to yourself. Encourage your friends to do the same. And above all, take it easy.Do what you love

Indulge yourself

You’re probably thinking after a holiday that may have included a flood of food, alcohol and parties, that indulging yourself is something to avoid. But hey, we think that winter (especially January) is an important time to take our advice.

Indulging doesn’t always mean eating lots of chocolate. But if you like chocolate, why substitute it for something else, or do away with it all together? Don’t go cold turkey on the indulging. Just indulge in different ways.

Think of it as a simple act of self-care, and enjoy life’s pleasures when they arise. Like, for example, taking a bath: if you’re tired and your muscles ache, it’s the perfect thing. You can read a favorite book at the same time, and give yourself an extra long soak if you’re particularly in need of relaxation.

Of course, it’s not just our bodies that need a break; if your mind was consumed with to-do lists in December, it might be time to give it a rest, and indulge in some downtime. Watching a good movie in the evening is sometimes the perfect antidote to a busy day. Play an old favorite for the second time in a week, or catch the latest blockbuster at your local movie-theatre. Whatever makes you feel better, do it.


Keep it tasty

Yes, we’re talking about food, because most resolutions include something to do with what goes in your mouth. Certain diet advice suggests that deprivation is akin to godliness. But we don’t agree. We think all eating should be guilt-free. Because let’s face it, the odd slice of cake is delicious, and unless you have a serious allergy, most foods, in moderation, should be included in a healthy diet.

So if you want to lose a bit of weight, then it’s probably not wise to eat a croissant for breakfast every morning. But you shouldn’t ban croissants altogether.

However you choose to spend your post-holiday period, opt for exciting. That doesn’t have to entail expeditions to Alaska, or scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef. But keep your mind active, by mixing things up a little.

The best way to approach exciting is to explore it. Read books that have been recommended by people you love. Walk around a new park on the other side of town; watch a new show (theatre, television or movie) and feel inspired; research new hobbies. Who knows what the year ahead will bring?

And when grocery shopping for healthy food choices, don’t for a single moment imagine that what you choose should be lacking in flavor or that you have to opt for ‘diet’ foods (in fact, we believe you should avoid these foods, because while they may be low in fat they are often laden with sugar).

Whatever it is that you’ve had an excess of over the holiday period (and it could be everything from meat to alcohol to whipped cream) don’t suddenly banish all of these things from your diet.

Remember, balance is everything. Try to cook as much as possible from scratch and when you really crave a certain food – like some chocolate, or some cheese – eat a little. If you choose to deprive yourself, you’re more likely to buckle at a later date and say, “Oh to hell with healthy eating, I’m going to eat every cookie in the jar!” Remember, a little bit of what you like is (usually!) good for you.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner sign

Keep it exciting

However you choose to spend your post-holiday period, opt for exciting. That doesn’t have to entail expeditions to Alaska, or scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef. But keep your mind active, by mixing things up a little.

The best way to approach exciting is to explore it. Read books that have been recommended by people you love. Walk around a new park on the other side of town; watch a new show (theatre, television or movie) and feel inspired; research new hobbies. Who knows what the year ahead will bring?

Overlooking a bay

Rest up

There’s a reason why animals hibernate in winter. They’re protecting themselves from the harsh winter, by cozying up and resting. It’s sometimes a good idea to follow their lead.

Try not to sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the long, dark, winter nights by packing in the sleep. And if you’re lucky enough to be reading this from somewhere hot, then enjoy the vitamin D.

When spring comes around, you’ll feel so much better that you didn’t overdo it in the first month of the year.

Woman on bed

Be forgiving

If things don’t work out to plan (we all like the New Year to mark new beginnings, even when we don’t make resolutions) then give yourself a break. And if other people don’t follow up on their promises because they set their goals too high, then give them a break, too. And remember – be kind. To yourself, and others.

If things don’t work out to plan (we all like the New Year to mark new beginnings, even when we don’t make resolutions) then give yourself a break. And if other people don’t follow up on their promises because they set their goals too high, then give them a break, too. And remember – be kind. To yourself, and others.




What do you think about New Year’s resolutions? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook. And last of all, have a healthy, happy 2015.


Image credits: Glitter Guide, BBC, CountryLiving

Female applying red lipstick, close up

Quick Fix Tips: Work to Party Looks This Season

The holiday season is all about fun, parties and preparation. The wrapping of gifts and decorating of the tree is simple, but getting dressed-up to go out is often not. When there’s so much running around to do, time can be limited. If you have to head straight from work to a party, how will your hair hold for a whole day? And what can you add to an outfit that’ll make you look like you started from scratch?

Few people have time to get dressed twice in one day, so here’s a list of time saving fashion and beauty tips to ensure your smooth journey from work to play, and day to night.

Work to party signs

Eye and lip tricks

The make-up base you apply in the morning might last for hours, but you will want to create definition with colour that may need to be reapplied in the evening. Always carry a couple of your favorite products in your bag. That way, wherever you are, you can treat yourself to a mini evening makeover.

Bold lip color (matte reds are hot right now) is easy to apply and looks amazing against any skin tone. You’ll barely need anything else. If smokey eyes are your thing, run some kohl (brown or black are great), across your eyelid just above your lashes, then gently smudge with a q-tip. A sparkly shadow (taupe is a great choice) gently blended with a clean finger into the socket-line of your eyelid will give fabulous shine and definition too. A good rule of thumb is this: if you’re going for heavy eyes, go easy on the lips. And vice versa.

Female applying red lipstick, close up

Top swap

Do you wear a shirt under your jacket to work? Then why not change into something more delicate and sexy for the evening? A soft-knit or silk cami can be easily slipped into the bag you take to work– and if you roll carefully, when you unroll it’ll be crease-free. Head for the bathroom cubicle at work before you go out and ta-da. You’ll transform your look from day to night in a move that is swifter than Superwoman.


Shoe shuffle

Classic patent loafers can be as glamorous as a pair of heels, and probably more comfortable too if you’re planning on dancing the night away. But if your party-shoe go-to is the heel, then wear flats in the day to give your feet a break. Pumps that roll up and tuck into your bag are the answer if you are swapping, as they save on weight and space in your bag.


A bit of bling

 What better time to sparkle than the holiday season? Studs are a classic earring choice for day, but if you need more impact for evening then costume jewellery is an affordable and effective answer. Gladiator-style wrist cuffs in gold are a stylish addition to the failsafe LBD – while small sparkly hoops are elegant with any look. Always carry a little cloth purse in your main bag, to keep your precious things safe when you change jewellery.


Stand tall

This may seem like an obvious tip, but good posture adds inches – and instant elegance – to your outfit. If you feel as rusty as a tin man by 5pm, you’ve probably been slouched at a desk all day. When you’re ready to leave for work, take some relaxing deep breaths in and out. Picture a piece of invisible string attached to the top of your head, pulling you up tall, and your back will instantly feel straighter and your stomach flatter. You’ll arrive at the party looking and feeling every inch the beautiful woman that you are.


Bag Lady

How do you solve the problem of a bag that you can take to work then onto a party? You’ll want space for the essentials and something that looks the part, too. Oversized clutches are the answer. Whether classic black leather or gem-encrusted, they will be your roomy, stylish bag of choice for the holiday season and beyond.


Good hair day… and night

You haven’t always got time for a salon blow dry. When time is short, a simple bun can be achieved with a hairband and a few pins, and if secured well, last all day. Before the party, check and re-secure if needed. Whatever length or style your hair, dry shampoo is a miracle product. It makes greasy roots appear clean, and acts as a gentle hairspray to keep things in place, too.



Do you have any work to party tips?  Share them with us on Twitter or get in touch via our Facebook page.  We would love to hear from you.

Image Credits: Safety Signs, Tina’s Choices, Etsy, Tibi, Beauty High, Brit Co, Feet Project, Wiki How



Sexy Lingerie for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and here at Triumph, nothing makes us jollier than a truly beautiful new set of lingerie waiting in the drawer for the perfect occasion. So whether you’re looking for some new lingerie for your Christmas party, some shapewear that you can actually breathe in, a beautiful set for Christmas day or something special for a romantic holiday, we’ve lined up our favorite sets for every occasion.

Amourette 300 Wired Bra

The Christmas party shapewear

The Amazing Sensation range of shapewear is without a doubt our most popular at this time of year. Why? Because it provides a practical solution to eveningwear issues, and looks good all the while! The Amazing Sensation range is the perfect slimming solution for women of many shapes and sizes; whether you choose a super-slimming bodydress, a light control panty or a chic vintage inspired bodysuit, there’s something to fit under every dress, skirt or pant. We’ve featured a few of our favorites below, but there’s a much wider range over on the shapewear section of our online boutique.

Contouring Sensation with Magic Wire Bra and High Waist Panty.


Vintage Sensation Bodydress


Amazing Sensation Minimizing Bra

The special occasion lingerie

Whether you’re off on a romantic vacation, looking forward to some much needed couple-time or just fancy treating yourself to something beautiful to wear under all those sweaters, we’ve got an incredible selection of luxe lingerie for you to pick from.

Red lace, black tulle…take your pick from this gorgeous lot.

For times when you can’t find a lingerie set in your drawer, (and let’s face it, who has a matching pair of bra and panties for every day of the week?) have fun mixing up colours and styles. For a classic look, take a pair of sexy black panties and team them with a favorite black bra.

For something more bold, mix up strong colours. A pretty pair of brightly colored panties will look sensational with any bra: it might be cold outside but you’ll feel hotter than hot under your clothes.

The seductive nightwear

Throw away those worn old PJs – nothing makes you feel as good as a silky nightdress, chemise or shorties against your skin. From softest lace to delicate, sheer tulle and silky-fine cotton, take your pick from our selection – or put them on your Christmas list and hopefully Santa will bring your favorite!

Body Make-Up Shine Chemise

Amourette Spotlight Nightdress

Charming Pajama


A corset is a sure-fire way of getting the one you love all hot under the collar; it’ll also give you an hourglass figure worthy of a 1950’s Hollywood diva. It’s not just for the bedroom, though. For a thoroughly modern evening look, wear your corset – with a just a hint on show – underneath a crisp white shirt.

The feel good factor

You may have reached exhaustion point, what with all the partying, dressing up, Christmas shopping and work (you need some relaxation time).

When you’re at home, put on your warmest, most comfortable sweater, and your favorite jeans or pants. Luxuriate in the feeling of cosziness and familiarity. Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you’re cocooned against the harsh winter weather outside? You’ll still want your underwear to give you that special feeling though – even if it’s hidden under layers and layers of clothing. We have just the thing…… The Beauty Full Basics.

Beauty Full Basics

Beauty Full Basics

The Beauty Full Basics comes in beige, blue, black and purple and is available in sizes up to DD+.

Do you have any questions about the pieces featured? What is your favorite luxury lingerie for the Holidays? . For the next 7 days we are also running a competition where we are giving away one lingerie set per day. Simply enter your details on our Triumph FB tab, for a chance of winning.

Image credits: Triumph US.

Triumph US Blog

Welcome to Triumph US

A very big welcome to the Triumph US blog.

Triumph is a household name across Europe. Founded in 1886, and with over 125 years in the lingerie business, we’ve always been ahead of the game in lingerie design and innovation, thanks to our love of the craft – and of course, beautiful, perfectly fitting underwear.

Triumph US Blog

We’re hugely excited to have launched in the US last year, both online and with our two inaugural stores in New York State. This is just the beginning for us – we’re hoping to open more stores over the coming years in high-profile locations.

We’ve started this blog as a way for Triumph fans in the US to connect with us and our news, and to share our wealth of knowledge when it comes to fit and fashion advice. Fashion and lingerie go hand-in-hand, so we’ve got a lot to say about how to make the most of your style from what’s underneath to what’s on top.

We can’t wait to share our news and views with you here on the Triumph US blog, but you can also connect with us through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to head over to Facebook to check out the Halloween competition we’re running – you could win a beautiful lingerie set fit for a zombie queen!

Image credits: Triumph US



Six Ways To Tell If You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra

When you’re wearing the perfect bra, you feel more confident, walk taller and your clothes fit better. But a staggering 4 out of 5 women wear the wrong bra size!

At Triumph, we know the value of a personal fitting experience, but if you can’t get to a store, you can follow these steps to see if you might be wearing the wrong size – and what your issue is. You can also check out our fit guide to measuring yourself at home.

Does your back band ride up during the day?

If so, you’re probably wearing the wrong back size. This is the most common mistake women making when choosing a bra, and we find many women who are wearing a band size too large. The correct back size should fit snugly, well beneath your shoulder blades, be level the whole way round and stay put when you move.

Do your straps leave red marks?

It sounds like your straps are taking more weight than they should – in fact, 80% of the support should come from the band. Try a smaller band size and a larger cup size (go up a cup size for each band size reduction) to make sure your bust has the right amount of support.

Is your entire breast contained within the cup?

Ah, the dreaded ‘double boob’: all too common and a neon sign that your bra doesn’t fit. Your entire breast should fit within the cup, with no excess flesh spilling out anywhere – bumps and lumps usually happen when the cup size is too small. And, despite common misconceptions, you don’t need to go a size smaller to get the perfect cleavage: simply wearing a great push-up bra, like our Cool Sensation, in a perfectly fitting size, should give you an enviable cleavage.

Is your underwire sitting flat against your breastbone?

Press down on your underwire: do you feel your ribs or any soft breast tissue? If it’s the latter, then your cup size is too small. The wire should never sit on breast tissue, which is delicate and needs to be looked after carefully.

Are your cups wrinkling or gaping?

If your cups are wrinkling, they’re probably too small; if your breasts are slightly different in size (as most women’s are), you might see wrinkling on one side – a moulded cup bra should solve this problem. If gaping is your issue, try tightening the straps. If it’s still gaping, get thee to a fitting – you’ve got the wrong cup size.

Do you have the dreaded ‘back fat’?

Funnily enough, you might suspect your band size is too small, but it’s probably too big. Your band should fit snugly on the loosest hook. The best way to test this is to put two fingers under your band, they should just fit (with the back strap sitting low on your shoulder blades). A band that’s too big for you will ride up and create lumps where there are none!

The perfect fit can change the way you look – and feel. Book a personal fitting today. And share your bra niggles with us below or at @Triumph_US.

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The Five Questions You Need to Tackle to Lose Weight

We’re on a countdown to vacation, parties and, of course, little black dress season – with the small diet-shattering hump that is Thanksgiving slap bang in the middle. If you’re feeling motivated to get in shape and get into that show-stopping office party dress, stop that faddy diet, put down that sugar-free soda and read on. These are the only five questions you need ask yourself to lose extra weight, feel great and develop a healthy, life-long relationship with food.

Are you emotionally hungry or hungry hungry?

What’s the difference, you might ask? A lot, actually. Emotional hunger is the enemy of healthy eating, and identifying it will go a long way to helping you develop a healthier relationship with food for good. Before you reach for that cookie, ask yourself:

1: Did my hunger come on suddenly and is it all I can think about?
2: Is it for specific foods, particularly sugary or high-fat snacks?
3: Will I feel mad at myself after I’ve eaten this?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re tackling an emotional hunger (boredom is a big cause), that can be overcome. If you’re actually hungry, however, your hunger should come on gradually, you should be able to delay satisfying it for a while, and you should feel comfortable and satisfied, not guilty, after eating.

What are you craving?

Your body has a knack of telling you what it needs: however, it’s down to you to interpret its signals intelligently. For example, if you’re craving bread or toast, what you really need is protein! Once you’ve learned how to satiate your cravings in a healthy, non-destructive way, your life (and waistline) will change for good. Until then, pin this, print it out, carry it with you: your body and brain will thank you.

What you’re craving vs what you really need

When’s the last time you moved?

And no, that bathroom break doesn’t count! You don’t need to be a gym bunny to slim down (although it helps), but you do need to take every opportunity to move more. Climb the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Get off the bus a stop early. Walk to the grocery store, don’t drive. Take a walk every morning on weekends (and not to buy croissants – just to look around!). Motivation breeds motivation. And wear sneakers while you’re at it – you never know when you might just feel like breaking into a run.

Are you drinking your calories?

Do you ‘treat’ yourself to a soda for an afternoon perk-up, or fill yourself up with so called sugar-free lattes instead of eating breakfast? The fact is, you’re drinking hundreds of unnecessary calories which are nutritionally void and add inches to your waistline. It’s time to get used to eating your calories, rather than drinking them.  Learn to love water plain or with a squeeze of your favourite fruit, or tea with skim milk.

Is your underwear holding you in?

If you can conquer the above, the weight should drop off – but for a super-smooth, slimmed-down silhouette under your Christmas party dress, the right lingerie is essential. For a tight-fitting dress, our Beauty Sensation Body Dress combines features Novarel Slim® nylon-microfiber to slim your tummy, prevent VPL and create an envy-inducing silhouette. Alternatively, if you prefer separates, our Amazing Sensations range has bras for every size and shape, offering a smooth shape and perfect lift, while the high-waist panty is designed to shape the waist, tummy and hips.

Have you managed to lose weight during the holiday season? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments or at @Triumph_US.

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